45 Best Pop Songs For Baritones (Karaoke or Audition Tracks)

Baritones, we’re listening to you today. Your silky-smooth tones take the lead in some of the best pop songs ever released. Whether you’re planning a night out at karaoke or prepping for a big audition, we have the top baritone songs to keep in your repertoire.

It doesn’t matter what genre or decade you’re into; baritones bring the house down every time. That’s why we’ve put together a list that spans rock, rap, country, folk, musical theater, and more. You’ll find modern hits and titles from the Rat Pack, and everything in between. Let’s get started. 

1. “And I Love Her” – The Beatles

Let’s start off with a throwback from the best of the best. A smooth, simple song that shows off what baritones bring to the table, this one came out in 1964 and has remained a favorite ever since.

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2. “Old Town Road” – Lil Nas X

Is it hip-hop? It is country? Does it really matter when everyone knows the chorus by heart? This radio favorite was the center of controversy when Billboard removed it from its Hot Country chart, claiming that it didn’t embody country music enough.

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3. “Circles” – Post Malone 

Post Malone is no stranger to the top of the charts. This earworm stayed at number 1 for three weeks straight.

4. “The Lady is a Tramp” – Frank Sinatra

Every strong baritone needs a selection of fantastic crooner songs. When it’s time to really show off your range and charm, give this Rodgers and Hart showtune everything you’ve got. 

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5. “Laugh Now Cry Later” – Drake

Canadian artist Drake is known for his melodic rapping. It’s not enough to simply get the beat with these titles. You need a good voice to do it right. Head to his albums when you need great pop songs for baritones. 

6. “Home” – Michael Bublé

This modern crooner is another one you can turn to for countless baritone songs. Released in 2005, “Home” is still playing on the radio today and is a perfect shout out to any homesickness you may be feeling when you perform.

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7. “Angel” – Josh Groban

Josh Groban’s voice is definitive because of its theatricality and tonal beauty. If you’re ready to take on a vocal challenge, he’s the singer for you. “Angel,” in particular, asks a lot of its singer, with a wide range and sweeping sounds that – when done right – give your listeners goosebumps. 

8. “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” – Billy Joel 

This is an epic song with a lot of different styles for the vocal artist who wants to show some variety. Though it came out back in 1977, Rolling Stone still considered it one of the greatest songs of all time in their list update(s). Get ready for something that starts like a ballad, then turns into an upbeat narrative dance song before moving back to the easy listening track at the end. It’s a journey, to say the least. If you nail it, your audience will be on board every beat of the way. 

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9. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” – Elton John

Marking the memorable romance from The Lion King, Elton John’s top hit is always a crowd favorite. It’s also a beautiful ballad for baritones. 

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10. “Layla” – Eric Clapton 

Clapton has been responsible for some of the best rock songs and ballads of the past several decades. “Layla,” whether done plugged or acoustic, is always a winner. 

11. “Outta My Head” – Khalid with John Mayer

A chance meeting between these two artists resulted in a friendship and the decision to collaborate on this song. Baritones, rejoice! Why? Because it’s widely considered one of the best songs either of them released. 

12. “Friends in Low Places” – Garth Brooks

Released in 1990 and still a mega hit today, “Friends in Low Places” is just one of many Garth Brooks songs that are infinitely sing-along able. If you’re going to a karaoke night and see this one on the list, sign up quickly before someone else takes your spotlight.

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13. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” – Elvis Presley 

Of course one of the most romantic songs ever written is for baritones. This is slow, sexy, and sweet, and the velvet voice of Elvis showed us exactly how it’s supposed to be done. Trivia: You can catch The King singing this in the 1961 movie Blue Hawaii.

14. “Pretty Women” – Sweeney Todd 

If you’re looking for audition pieces, you may want to consider pop showtunes. This one is technically a duet, but it can easily be done solo.

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15. “Sweet Baby James” – James Taylor 

“Sweet Baby James” is for the baritones who like to sing at the top of their register. Possibly James Taylor’s best song (according to him and many fans), this is always a crowd pleaser.

16. “Stuck On You” – Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie dabbled in country music for the first time with this one, and it was a huge success. The melody is comfortably in the baritone range, and the lyrics are comfortably in the “awww” range. 

17. “The Gambler” – Kenny Rogers 

It’s hard to believe that Don Schlitz had to try for years to get anyone to record his song. Once Kenny Rogers got hold of it, it was an immediate hit. This is another narrative song, which makes it great for performances at karaoke or even auditions. 

18. “Nature Boy” – Nat King Cole

It is impossible to leave Nat King Cole off this list. With “Nature Boy,” you get a mysterious ballad that never fails to turn heads. It cuts to the heart of what love means in a poetic and haunting song. Check out the various covers that have been recorded to get ideas for different arrangements you might want to try. 

19. “Ring of Fire” – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash’s wife, June, actually wrote this pop tune in the 1960s, and he more than did it justice when he recorded it. Of course, you could go with any of Johnny Cash’s songs and be the hero of the night, so just flip to C for Cash and take your pick. 

20. “Wild World” – Cat Stevens 

Cat Stevens has an unforgettable voice, but his songs work with nearly any style you want to try. You don’t have to match his raspy tones to nail his melodies. He wrote “Wild World,” a sad and sometimes biting breakup song, about his relationship with actress Patti D’Arbanville.

21. “I Started a Joke” – Bee Gees

The Bee Gees are a great choice for singers who want to express their wide vocal range. This title also has a cover by Faith No More with a slightly different arrangement. Both will work for baritones who are ready for a workout in the vocal chords. 

22. “The Sound of Silence” – Simon and Garfunkel 

Part of what makes this song so amazing is its harmony. However, it works perfectly as a solo, too. The melody and lyrics, featured in the Academy Award-winning film The Graduate, are now considered the pinnacle of the folk-rock genre. 

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23. “Sweet Caroline” – Neil Diamond 

If you’re looking for something that will make the karaoke crowd cheer and sing along, this is what you need. This is a popular track at sporting events around the world, for reasons that no one can officially trace. Some sports fans even have specific lines they like to shout out during the “bum bum bum” that everyone knows and loves. Be prepared for anything when you sing this one. 

24. “All Out of Love” – Air Supply 

This 1980s rock ballad is another one for showing off your range. In 2003, VH1 listed this among their 100 Greatest Love Songs. Don’t let the repetitive melody fool you. It’s important to warm up well before you dive into this one. 

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25. “Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynrd Skynrd 

This Florida band’s song has been featured in several blockbuster films, but that’s not the source of its popularity. Since its release, “Sweet Home Alabama” has been playing on country and rock stations for decades. 

26. “Don’t Think Twice” – Bob Dylan

Want a great “it’s over” song to sing after a breakup? Don’t think twice; you’ve found the perfect title. If you’re planning to sing for an audience who wants something with a little attitude in it, Bob Dylan has your back. 

27. “Zoot Suit Riot” – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies 

Once this hit MTV in 1998, everyone wanted to learn swing dancing. Luckily for you, all that’s required to perform “Zoot Suit Riot” is a great voice. If you perform well enough, other people might start dancing, though. 

28. “Mr. Jones” – Counting Crows 

Contrary to popular belief, this song isn’t a response to Bob Dylan. Singer/songwriter Adam Duritz told VH1 Storytellers that it’s a song about a night out with his friend and the feelings he was having at the time. We’re glad he explained it because the lyrics aren’t easy to decipher.  

29. “Put On a Happy Face” – Tony Bennett

Also well known by Dick Van Dyke in the popular musical Bye Bye Birdie, this smile-inducing ditty is sure to give your audience a happy face. Sing it with irony or true enthusiasm. Just be sure to sing it at some point. 

30. “Stand By Me” – Ben E. King

This classic has been revived time and time again by films, TV shows, and even video games (give the Final Fantasy XIV cover a listen). In fact, there have been more than 400 recorded covers, in many different styles and arrangements. The bottom line is that no one can get enough of it. 

31. “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General” – Pirates of Penzance

Want to blow everybody away with the ultimate tongue twister of a song? Give this fast-paced hit from the 1880 musical a try… if you dare. And, yes, you read that right. This song is from 1880. It’s still relevant today. That’s some staying power. 

32. “Galway Bay” – Bing Crosby 

Bing Crosby is one of the most famous American baritones ever recorded. Choose anything he did, and your audience will be in for a treat. “Galway Bay” shows off some of that Irish charm that is popular with many baritone singers. 

33. “Luck Be a Lady” – Guys and Dolls 

This popular song from the hit musical has been performed by quite a few singers and actors, from Frank Sinatra to Marlon Brando to Ewan McGregor. It’s a perfect audition piece because of its stage origins, but this song is so catchy it’s at home pretty much anywhere. 

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34. “The Bad Touch” – Bloodhound Gang 

Bloodhound Gang decided to mark the turn of the century with this 1990s pop-culture tribute. It’s also unapologetically irreverent, so if you want something both silly and edgy, you’ve found your song. Fair warning: The subject matter is NSFW. 

35. “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” – Dean Martin 

Dean Martin’s vocal work is a masterclass in charismatic singing. This adorable tune about the excitement of new love first appeared in the original film Ocean’s 11

36. “Heartbeat” – Childish Gambino 

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, doesn’t release simple songs. If you’re going to perform his work, be ready to rap, sing, and take your audience on an emotional journey. In keeping with this style, “Heartbeat” has been described as anxiety-inducing by some listeners. One thing it will never be is forgettable. 

37. “Crash Into Me” – Dave Matthews Band 

DMB has a cult following of fans for a reason. Their epic instrumentation supports yearning melodies and lyrics laced with imagery. “Crash Into Me” from their second album is one of their most beloved hits. 

38. “Shivers” – Ed Sheeran 

British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran says he took longer than usual to write this song. Apparently, he writes pretty quickly because this one took him only three days to complete. It’s upbeat and fun, and listeners can’t help bopping to the beat. 

39. “@ My Worst” – Blackbear 

This 2021 hit has a catchy rhythm and a deceptively evocative melody. It sounds simple, but make sure you’re warmed up for the scales you’ll be running when you get to the chorus. If you need to, you can always omit the naughty word. 

40. “Puttin’ On the Ritz” – Fred Astaire 

You don’t have to be a tap dancer to make Irving Berlin’s “Puttin’ on the Ritz” work. It wouldn’t hurt, though. If you know this only from the film Young Frankenstein, it might be time to brush up on how it’s actually supposed to sound. Fred Astaire’s is probably the most famous recording out there. 

41. “Bailando” – Enrique Inglesias 

There’s both a Spanish and an English version of this sexy dance song. If you really want to impress your audience, you could learn both. He also released a Portuguese version, so there’s a set of lyrics for everyone. This song was the theme song for a popular Telemundo soap opera. 

42. “Waving Through a Window” – Dear Evan Hansen 

Dear Evan Hansen made it to Broadway in 2016, and then the film came out in 2021. This is easily one of the most popular songs from the hit show, and it’s perfect for auditions.

43. “Mad World” – Adam Lambert 

American Idol contestant Adam Lambert recorded this single in 2009, and it was enough to propel him to instant fame. His arrangement for “Mad World” adds a level of emotion that audiences love.

44. “Bright Blue Rose” – Christy Moore 

Christy Moore’s husky Irish voice in “Bright Blue Rose” helps demonstrate the special qualities of this melody. It’s a beautiful choice for a quiet karaoke bar or an intimate open-mic night.  

45. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” – Simple Minds 

Made famous by the Gen X film Breakfast Club, this song became an anthem for an entire generation. It’s also the perfect song when you want to show some 80s love.  

Remember, if you’re a baritone, you have some of the best songs of all time to choose from. A list of 45 doesn’t begin to scratch the surface, so go out there and sing, sing, sing!