41 Best Love Songs For Her

Looking for the perfect love song for the woman who has your heart? Whether you’re planning a wedding first dance or something else special, these songs stand the test of time.  1. Just The Way You Are — Bruno Mars Back in 2010, Bruno Mars made us all melt with his song Just The Way … Read more

55 Best Karaoke Songs Of All Time

Whether you’ve got a voice that could make angels weep or you sound more like a yodeler with a cold, karaoke brings people together in a way that nothing else quite can. No matter your level of talent, a karaoke stage is somewhere where everyone is on equal footing. But you can’t just jump up there … Read more

53 Best Secretly In Love Songs (Secret or Forbidden Love)

Many songs revolve around love that is happening, ending, or even forbidden or secret. Forbidden love songs follow the emotions of unrequited love that cannot be due to current relationships, social class, or distance. I’m sure we all have heard many of the best secretly in love songs. We have created a list of 53 of the top … Read more

55 Best Songs About Missing Someone You Love Deeply

Missing someone is a universal experience, whether we’re mourning the end of a relationship or a loved one who has passed on.  These songs about missing someone are bound to get the tears flowing and reminiscing about the good times (while you wait for the time when you’ll be reunited): 1. Ain’t No Sunshine — … Read more

45 Best Funeral Songs For Mom (To Honor Her)

Losing your mother can be one of the most difficult things you ever go through. If you are looking for the right song to honor her at her funeral, here are our top choices. These songs perfectly express the grief, love, and sacrifice of the relationship between a mother and a child — words that … Read more

55 Best Funeral Songs Of All Time

Planning a funeral while you’re grieving can be a huge challenge. If you’re looking for the best songs for funerals to honor your loved one, we have 55 of the best options. These songs cover every genre and mood imaginable to give the audience specific feelings and sentiments based on you and your loved one’s desires: … Read more

55 Best Songs About Death (Grieve to These Songs)

When it comes to death, people grieve in their own way. For musicians, many of them simply write songs about death. These 55 songs to grieve to will have you reaching for the tissues. 1. Ozzy Osbourne – “See You On The Other Side” Taken from Ozzy Osbourne’s 1995 solo album Ozzmosis, “See You On … Read more

35 Best Love Songs For Him (Boyfriend Dedication Tracks)

Many songs revolve around love. Some express breakups and heartbreak, while others are fully dedicated to the joyful feeling of love. When you are thinking of your boyfriend, it may be easier to express how you feel through music that says it all.  We have made a list of 35 dedicated love songs for your … Read more

55 Best Sexy Songs to Make Love To (Sexy Songs Playlist)

When it comes to creating a music account to reflect your tastes, it’s important to put together multiple playlists that reflect a range of emotions as well as musical genres. If we’re being honest, one of those playlists focuses on sexy songs. You know, the kind of songs that puts you in a frisky mood. We’ve been continuously increasing our “sexy playlist” … Read more

55 Best Songs About Crushes & Catching Feelings

Songs define moments throughout your life. They bring back memories of loves found and lost, achievements, and tragedies. Together, we can all relate to hundreds of songs about crushes. We have listed 55 musical numbers about catching feelings for the first, second, and one-hundredth time you were smitten: 1. I’ve Got a Crush on You – Frank … Read more